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Voice - Private Music Lesson

Students learn classical or contemporary music with a focus on reading music and performance. Our teachers use a variety of methods to create a learning series that brings the students closer to their goals as musicians and performers.

We welcome all ages and skill levels! We offer trial lessons and have time slots open throughout the week and weekend.

Contact us to try a lesson!

Do I have to perform or take exams?

The choice is yours! We strongly believe in performance. It is a great goal to work towards and students feel amazing after performing in a show! We ensure students are well-prepared and supported for performances. It is a fun and memorable time onstage! We offer different types of performance opportunities, from parent viewing days to full recitals or competitions! Of course, performing is not for everyone. It is up to each student to decide they are ready to perform.

Music exams are a optional as well. Most of our students prefer a contemporary approach to learning  music that combines different methods and repertory. The lessons are one on one, so the student’s goals in music are the focus of the program materials. We can prepare students for examinations in piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Canadian Conservatory.

Can I come into my child’s lesson?

We understand that parents want to see what is happening and what their child is learning. However, when a parent is present in a lesson, the dynamics of the learning environment are compromised. Learning music and dance is a personal experience. When there is someone watching a student learn something new, regardless of who that person is, the student tries to perform what they are learning, instead of remaining focused on learning it. It slows the learning process down and also creates a difficult environment for children to navigate. When a student is one on one with a teacher, they are responsible for their efforts and can do so honestly. They are allowed to make mistakes and ask questions without judgement. We know you love your children, but teaching them is what we do best and their experience starts with the trust that they can do this on their own. At the end of every lesson, parents are welcome to ask the teachers what their child is working on and how it is going.

Can I try a lesson before I sign up?

Yes! Just call us or email us to book a free trial lesson!

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