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Ballet is the technical foundation for most other forms of dance. The focus in ballet is correct body positioning, dynamic movement, extension and balance. Sound in Motion uses Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for ballet and will offer exams to interested students beginning 2014. As with all of our dance programs, ballet is taught is a fun and supportive atmosphere!



This popular style of dance combines technical elements with contemporary music. Jazz borrows styles and flavours from many forms of dance including ballet, swing, African dance, hip hop, musical theatre, and lyrical. A foundation in ballet is highly recommended when studying jazz.

Hip Hop


This popular style focuses on current pop and hip hop trends in movement and music. Dancers learn combinations to hit music as well as get a good cardio workout.

Break Dance - 10 to 17


Hip hop style floor work, tricks and sequences are developed, building core strength and endurance.



This dance style combines traditional tap techniques with contemporary movement and music. Students learn rhythm and musicality in a fun, upbeat atmosphere.



This deeply expressive and popular style combines the technical elements of ballet with the contemporary styles and music of jazz and modern. This class requires students to also be enrolled in a ballet class. 



Acro dance combines acrobatic and gymnastic movements with contemporary dance style. This is a popular style with students who want to improve their flexibility and learn exciting stunt tricks.

Musical Theatre


Students explore the movement and music of traditional and contemporary musicals. This is one of Sound in Motion’s unique programs where dancers and musicians can come together to create fun and entertaining theatre. This course is taught by studio owners Julie and Avery, so students receive instruction in dance, voice, acting and improvisation. Students learn terminology, theatre etiquette, production aspects and history. Students are encouraged to take on a level of professionalism and pride in their studies in a fun and encouraging environment.


All students enrolled in Main Stage programs are required to perform in the year end recital. 


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