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Winter Blues & Tropical Days!

2/4/2014 11:47 AM

Summer will come...
Winter blues can get you or your child down.

Staying engaged and excited for class can start at home.
Every February we hear from students and parents that it is a hard time of year to come to class. Piling on the layers of clothing to slog through the snow in the dark is a lot of work.....then you have to take class! It is also a time of year when young students wonder what is the purpose of the work they are learning. Some students even contemplate quitting. But hang on, there is a lot of excitement coming! Behind the scenes we are shaping and creating the year end shows. Costumes have been ordered, music is being selected and the work that students have been learning begins application into routines! If you or your child are finding it tough to get to class, here are some tips:
 - Watch the DVD from last year's show! It's easy to remember that all the hard work is worth it when you relive the excitement and satisfaction from the performances. New to the studio? Ask to borrow a copy of the DVD from the office so your child can see what is coming up!
- Play music in the car! This might seem like an obvious choice, but even a short commute for students can seem dreary and long. Get pumped up for class with songs you can sing along to, or practice finding the beat, ask us what music we are using in your child's class and ramp up for learning!
- Talk about class! Ask your children what they did, ask about names of steps, ask for a demonstration, ask them to teach you what they learned. If students see and hear how excited their parents are for what they are learning, they will take pride in learning it!

Learning skills in the performing arts takes time. In this day and age, students are exposed to instant everything! From iPods and instant music, to on-demand television and drive through dinners, it gets harder and harder to teach the patience and perseverance it takes to learn music and dance. And not every exercise is 'enjoyable', sometimes young artists are required to do scales or stretch or go slowly in order for proper technique to be learned. However, pushing through the tough times is what teaches students not to give up when the going gets hard! By overcoming challenges, students gain the pride and satisfaction of success.

Tropical Days -February 14th-28th

Let's perk up the end of the month with some colour! Students can forgo their usual dance uniform and wear bright colours, Hawaiian shirts, flowers in their hair, etc. Please ensure that clothing does not interfere with range of motion or pose a safety risk. Music students can get into the spirit too! The brighter and wackier the clothing, the better!
Reminder! Holiday closure on Monday, February 17th for Family Day!

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