A studio where students grow talent, creativity & confidence!


Sound in Motion offers music and dance lessons of all kinds to all ages in an inviting and encouraging atmosphere by experienced, qualified instructors.

The studio is a collaborative partnership between Directors Julie Mytka and Avery Brown. After both had worked in performing arts contracts all over Canada and internationally, they recognized the benefits of bringing music and dance training under one roof. Joining this duo is a dynamic group of professional instructors delivering engaging classes for students of all experience levels.

In the dance department, students can choose from ballet, jazz, tap, acro and hip hop. In music, students can study piano, voice, drums or guitar. Students who want to study movement and voice can opt for group classes in musical theatre!

Since opening our doors in 2010, Sound in Motion has grown in so many ways. In addition to our recreational programs, students have had new and exciting opportunities added every year!

  • Dance Company –This performance dance program provides dancers ages 8 & up with multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. This group also studies contemporary and lyrical styles of dance in addition to other options offered at Sound in Motion.
  • Music Performance Troupe –where solo musicians come together in a band program to study styles like jazz, rock, pop and musical theatre .
  • Community Performances & Partnerships –Sound in Motion students have participated in local festivals such as London Dance Festival, FLUX Dance Festival, Productions with ONE Hip Hop Studio, Training with Ill At Will  and many fundraisers and community events.
  • Examinations –music students can opt to prepare for examinations in piano or voice Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). Dancers can prepare for examinations in ballet in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus.


Teaching Methods & Philosophy

The philosophy at Sound in Motion is based on positivity, dedication, encouragement and perseverance.  Connecting students with the right teachers and the right discipline to create an environment of achievement and one that builds self-esteem. In music, both classical and contemporary methods are integrated in a customized program for each student. In dance different training styles are combined depending on the discipline. In ballet, students learn Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) terminology and movement. For tap and jazz, class content is based on ADAPT syllabus. Acro dance classes are based on Acrobatic Arts syllabus and gymnastic style movement, with emphasis on flexibility training. In hip hop, students explore current trends in dance to popular music and connect with professional performers like Ill At Will. Musical theatre classes study classic and contemporary musicals as well as original compositions by instructors and include live piano accompaniment.

We encourage a high-level of self-expectation in our students in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Sound in Motion students and families are committed to regular attendance and practice, with the understanding that it is in the practice where achievement can be found and celebrated! We are open communicators and encourage our students to express themselves in a safe environment where they can grow their talents, creativity and confidence!


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